Full Stack Developer Portfolio | Hubert Pawlak

7 Days to Die mods

7 Days to Die (The Survival Horde Crafting Game) runs on Unity (game engine) which is trivial to reverse engineer and modify. I already had experience with patching games using dnSpy so I've decided to fix couple annoyances by myself. It took me a really short time to find good tools such as BepInEx and Harmony. These libraries allowed me to easily include my patches.


Some workstations in this game require fuel but they don't stop using it when they aren't doing anything useful. This patch saves resources by turning off workstations so you don't have to manually count fuel every time before using it or wait and manually turn it off. True "set it and forget it".


AMD's built-in FPS limiter doesn't work when the game isn't focused. The easiest fix is to use 7 Days's "settargetfps" command but it's not persistent across game restarts. This patch stores this value in a separate config file and optionally (enabled by default) limits FPS to 1 if the game isn't focused to save electricity.


Building a base right next to a trader's outpost might sound like a good idea until you hear the same loud annoying announcement 3 times per day. This patch prevents playback of these announcements and stops broadcasting them to other players if you are hosting.